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Trying to refresh your memories? Wondering if anything at all remains from that wonderful sim you once had? Several projects exist retracing the overall history of simming, or of one organization in particular. Some may even host character biographies and detailed descriptions of a sim. Memory Prime is not another such project.

The Memory Prime simming archive ambitions to make available online what remains - but is fast disappearing - of games and simming organizations that no longer run; not the timeline but what actual material - pages, email archives, sometimes partial or entire websites - can be retrieved from the net, or have been stored for years on computers.

Memory Prime deals mainly with PBEM RPG's, also called PBM, play-by-mail or play-by-post these days; but also some IRC "live" simming and forum-based games. The core of it necessarily is the organizations we have been a part of, the games we have played or seen played. We could never pretend to track thousands of sims over two decades. The POSTS page is fairly representative.

As the site rebuilds, the LINKS page will list other resources: wikis, repositories and "time machines" offering copies of older material after the demise of hosts like Geocities.

Content and navigability are the top priorities hence the no-fuss option taken on design. Be advised that secondary windows will open to display pages saved under their original appearance (part of the fun, right?)

All material you may want to contribute will definitely be considered (see the Contact link at the bottom).



USS Avalon mk1 and USS Arizona mk1 (GM: Crowley) - June 2014
USS Swiftsure (GM: Adams and Chapman), USS Poseidon mk4 and USS Avalon mk2 (GM: Chapman) - June 2014
CFV Artemis and BS Artemis (GM: Malllory J.) - June 2014
USS Kestrel - SFOSIR - June 2014
USS Poseidon mk1, mk2, mk3 and SS Freedom (GM Mark H.) - June 2014
USS Protostar and CARD-OT (GM Chuck B.) - June 2014
USS Valkyrie NCC 55631 (GM: Mitchell) - June 2014
USS Saturn NCC 2822 A and B - June 2014
Starfleet Command (SFC) and Starbase 418 - June 2014
Starbase 98 Intelligence Team IV (IT-IV) - June 2014
Deridous IV Colony - July 2014

Joint Mission USS Saturn - USS Arc Angel, SWORD-7 and USS Destiny: "Operation Vanquish" - June 2014
Joint Mission USS Hyperion F - Outpost G12: "The Profit of War" - June 2014
Joint Mission USS Hyperion F- USS Bismarck C: "Bleed It Out" - June 2014
Sixth Fleet Anniversary Fleet-wide shoreleave on Risa - June 2014

Tango Fleet Newsletter 2001 to 2005 - June 2014

Currently in dockyards: USS Cambrian, USS Oberon, Sigma Librae II, USS Edison and more...


Every year, every day, websites go down, web hosts disappear... what is not yet lost may well be tomorrow.
This site is a non profit initiative and a labour of love, done with utmost respect for the people behind the simming memories it means to preserve. It will be primarily enjoyed by former players of the simulations represented.

Should someone object to an item being featured here, please let me know. In case of removal, I will reserve the right to mention what and for what reasons.

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The same fandom spirit applies to Stargate, Stargate SG1, Stargate Universe and to Battlestar Galactica revisited.


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